Takstar Brand Products Now Available in the UK from Red5 Audio

We’re delighted to announce that, further to our post below, Takstar brand products are now available in the UK from Red5 Audio. To see at glance everything that’s currently in stock, click here 

Red5 Audio to distribute Takstar Brand in the UK

We are excited to announce that Red5 Audio will be distributing the Takstar brand in the UK. Along with the Red5 Audio brand, Takstar products are soon to be available directly from the Red5 Audio online shop.

Based in the Guangdong district of China, Takstar has a long and reputable history of producing high quality, electro-acoustic goods both for domestic and international markets. We have been privileged to partner with them for a long number of years in manufacturing some of the Red5 Audio product range. With vast production facilities and a highly skilled and diverse group of technicians and staff, they are known for developing innovative and reliable products at competitive prices. UK customers will now be able to buy this exciting brand in the UK via a trusted and reliable source without having to worry about import tax and duty – an often overlooked cost when buying goods from overseas. (All stock will be held in and shipped directly from the Red5 Audio warehouse).

Takstar have, in particular, developed some incredible models within the headphone and microphone markets. We’re delighted to be able to bring some of these to UK consumers in the coming weeks. Many Takstar products are already well regarded and highly respected, such at the PRO82 Monitor Headphones shown below

Pro82 Monitor Headphones – Review

Red5 Audio has always been about making affordable, high-performing products available directly to the end-user. The introduction of the Takstar brand will allow us to continue doing that but with an expanded and growing product range. As ever, we’re bringing you the sort of products that we ourselves would be excited to use!

We’ll be making a further announcement soon in which we’ll give details of all the new models that will be available directly from Red5 Audio. Check back for further details. Why not join our mailing list – click here

Takstar FAQ

Can I return a Takstar product to you that I have bought elsewhere? 

No, warranty and returns services are provided by the company who sold you the item.

I can see Takstar products for sale online direct from China that are cheaper  than buying from Red5 Audio. Why is this? 

When you buy direct from China you will need to pay shipping, import taxes and import fees on top of the price you see. This can often make the total price you pay higher than the price we can supply it to you at. Remember that we have had to pay shipping, taxes and fees to get the products into the country, but doing it in bulk allows us to save money and offer them at a competitive price whilst making sure we pay our UK taxes like a responsible company.