• RVAM1 Active Monitor Speakers6.5" Bi-Amped
  • RV6 Condenser Mic Set £79Includes Pro Cradle and Case
  • RV4 Pair Condenser Mics £105With Clips and Windshields
  • RV15 Valve Microphone £225Power Supply Included
  • RVD1 Kick Drum Mic Set £44With stand and case
  • RVD11 Gooseneck Dynamic Mic £32Mic Detachable
  • RVD30 Dynamic Mic £37With Stand Clip
  • RVH90 Monitor Headphones £32With Straight 3M Cable
  • RVK7 Drum Mic Set £159With flight case and mic clips
  • Red5 Audio Popshield £15Gooseneck Design
RVAM1 Active Monitor Speakers1 RV6 Condenser Mic Set £792 RV4 Pair Condenser Mics £1053 RV15 Valve Microphone £2254 RVD1 Kick Drum Mic Set £446 RVD11 Gooseneck Dynamic Mic £327 RVD30 Dynamic Mic £378 RVH90 Monitor Headphones £329 RVK7 Drum Mic Set £15910 Red5 Audio Popshield £1512
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