Element: Pressure Gradient Transducer
Diaphragm: 3-micron thick, vapour deposited gold diaphragm
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: -34dB (+/- 2dB) (0dB = 1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Output Impedance: 200. +/- 30% (at 1kHz)
Self Noise: 15dBA
Max. Input SPL: 128dB (at 1kHz 1% THD)
S/N Ratio: 75dB (IEC 268-5)
Net Weight: 580g

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Your RV15 comes bundled with:

• Lockable flight case to provide maximum protection for your microphone
• Dedicated power supply.
• 7 pin cable to connect to your RV15 to the dedicated power supply.
• Elastic suspension shock-mount to prevent transmission of vibrations through the microphone stand.
• Spare suspension elastic.
• Foam Windshield.


The Red5 Audio RV15 is a high quality studio microphone that has been tailored to suit a wide variety of applications. The extra warmth that a valve microphone will bring to your recordings will be obvious as soon as you start using your new RV15.
Listed below are some of the possible sound sources that the RV15 will accurately capture, but the possibilities are endless…
• Vocals (Lead vocals, backing vocals, broadcasting, etc.)
• Acoustic instruments (acoustic guitar, piano, violin, etc.)
• Wind Instruments (woodwind &brass)
• Overheads (drums, ensembles, etc.)


- A large vapour deposited gold diaphragm accurately reproduces even the subtlest performance, from soaring high frequencies to deep sub-bass.
- Cardioid polar pattern allows for detailed capture of a specific source, while rejecting noise from surrounding sources.
- Extremely low self-noise matched with high output meets the needs of even the most demanding studio musicians.
- Your RV15 is equipped with a 12AX7 (7025) valve to bring the warmth to your recordings that you’ve always wanted.
- Capable of handling high sound pressure levels (up to 128dB SPL) allowing for an extremely wide variety of applications.
- Specially designed and matched external power supply to provide the power required for your new valve microphone.
- High quality gold plated internal and external connectors. This prevents oxidisation of contacts, which can dramatically reduce the quality of your audio signal.
- Integrated two-stage pop shield, combined with a hardened low-carbon steel grille, protects the delicate capsule against accidental damage.

- Session 2
- Session 5

Review of the RV10 & RV15

"Without doubt, these are among the best large capsule budget microphones Guitar has tried so far. The real deal!"

Guitar Magazine July 03 Vol 14 No.3

.. ..
Products Bought rv15
Performance / Uses I use it mainly for vocals. I've used a lot of the big names over the course of my career and this mic could be put up against all of them. (It has that rich, airy sound that you only get from big diaphragm tube mics). the performance is just way beyond the price.
Service Rating good, no complaints
Recommend? Yes, have done to friends and colleagues
.. ..
Products Bought Rv15
Performance / Uses This is my first large diaphragm mic after using a dynamic for a long time. the build quality of the mic and all the other bits is fantastic - definately got my money's worth. Been using it mainly for vocals and acoustic instruments and really happy with the sound so far
Service Rating excellent
Recommend? will do at first opportunity !
.. ..
Products Bought rv15
Performance / Uses May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on what is surely one the best purchases I have made in the last 2 years. My RV15 is not most expensive mic in my collection but it certainly holds rank with the best. I cannot fault any aspect of the mic or the accessories supplied with it. Keep it up!
Service Rating slight hiccup with delivery, but resolved very speedily!
Excellent !
Recommend? yes.
.. ..
Products Bought Rv15
Performance / Uses used it for vocals and double bass. The girl in our band now thinks she's got a great voice. (we might even try using it live)
Service Rating good
Recommend? yes, my mate's going for the drum mics
.. ..
Products Bought Rv15
Performance / Uses Was looking to upgrade my main 'vocal' mic and was considering your RV10 when the Rv15 caught my eye. It has blown away the people in my studio that have heard it. (I've at last got a mic that sounds expensive!) 14 days to send it back? don't be stupid!
Service Rating service good
Recommend? yes.